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Giving strength to daily action

The focus of our intervention is to give strength and quality to daily action and remove effort. Effort is a useless waste of energy. It implies using more energy than necessary to achieve a result. Effort produces mental and physical exhaustion as well as all sorts of repercussions. It’s clear that both organizations and individuals waste energy and are under stress. We propose methods and our experience to strengthen daily action. Our basic assumption is that a relaxed action is the only action individuals and companies can benefit from.

The key word in our way of working is: understanding – understanding what the mechanisms of effort and waste in working and private life are. This is why we have committed ourselves to effortless management.

“Systemic Thinking” and “Self-Observation” are the ways of comprehension we have chosen; they show the possibility to discover connections between events and persons and develop solutions for what may appear to us as contradiction and chaos. These two ways deal with human energy and how to direct it towards the development of the company as well as of the individual. In the section dedicated to our activities, you can find the concrete modalities of our action. On the right of this page are the topics that can be dealt with and the organizations and persons who can benefit from our expertise.

Communicating and managing conflicts
Cultural changes
Team management
Problem solving
Decision Making
Enhancing interaction among
different company branches
Enhancing relations among members
Evaluating and monitoring complex projects
Evaluating and monitoring investments
and partnerships
Preparing complex negotiations
Successfully integrating after mergers
or acquisitions
Starting up a new company
Diagnosing the adequacy of an organization chart
Assessing the impact of decisions on clients
Analyzing limiting influences on development deriving from events in the family of origin
Preparing succession (in a family business)
Company groups
Companies of any size
Family business
Public administrations
Health companies
Public Service corporations
Companies jointly managed by partners
in private life
Professional firms
Non-profit organizations
Sole traders
Leaders and Managers of organizations of any sort
Project Managers
Whoever is interested in change
and self-improvement
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