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International Training. Family Constellation

The teaching will cover the basic principles of the systemic and phenomenological approach and from there, step by step, the hidden dynamics and the conditionings always present in all systems will be brought to the surface and to light. The training will touch many levels, one of those being the family constellation of each participant.

Another level will be connected to the direct experience of being a representative in different roles in the constellations of the other participants.

The last and most important level will be meditation. The participant will learn how to enter a space of presence and emptiness, from where it is possible to see where love has ceased to flow in the system.
From a state of non-action the solution can come, often unexpected, unimaginable and both astonishing and effective. 

The solution allows the love which was frozen to flow again and the sense of separation to dissolve. 
The training is divided into two levels.

Leader: S. Marchesi

Save the date: 14/02/2011
Svezia, Malmö area

Telefono: 0708529569

L'iscrizione non è vincolante e sarà formalizzata con la modulistica prevista. Sarete contattati dalla nostra segreteria.
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